Storyteller Spotlight: Veeru Murugappan

Storyteller Spotlight: Veeru Murugappan

For this week’s #StorytellerSpotlight, we got in touch with Veeru Murugappan, Founder & Director of Coromandel Productions Pte. Ltd. and Co-owner of barn media.

Among many other things, Veeru and his crew have worked on some of the most memorable sports montages – yup, those same ones that go viral at every ICC event!

P.S. #StorytellerSpotlight is a weekly feature where we try and get different perspectives on stories and storytelling from experienced industry pros – from journalists and writers to filmmakers and artists.

What are the three main ingredients for a great story?

The emotion, the subject / subjects involved, capturing the viewer’s attention in the very first shot.

What’s an advertisement that has really stayed with you? Could you try and break down why it struck a chord?

The P&G Mom advert ahead of the Olympics. Its honest, natural, emotional and extremely inspiring. (It’s great, you can watch it here:

One classic – book or movie – that you wish you had written…

One movie/ TV show you recommend to anyone who asks - and why you loved it.

Invictus – Reason being I love when the underdog can win and shine on the brightest stage

What do you do when you have a deadline and your brain stops working? Any go-to hacks to get past the block?

Music or playing Tennis.

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