How To Become an Instagram Content Creator in 2022

How To Become an Instagram Content Creator in 2022

With a user base that’s over a billion strong, Instagram is one of the best platforms to get your Instagram influencer journey started.

Make the most of available resources. Don’t have the latest vlogging camera? Don’t let that stop you from putting yourself out there.

If you’re wondering how to become an Instagram influencer, this is as good a place as any to get started.

Keep reading for our round-up of tips that will set you up for success in your journey as an Instagram influencer in 2022.

Use A Business/ Creator Account

Even if you’re just trying out content creation for fun, using a Business account or Creator Account will give you access to tools and analytics that are crucial for measuring your impact. Knowing your metrics is absolutely essential to tweak and tailor your content.

Optimize Your Profile

While Instagram may be a photo-based platform, SEO matters here too!

Make it easy for potential followers to find you by using a high-quality image, optimising your bio, using the relevant hashtags on your posts, and adding keywords that represent what you do.

Here’s BossBabe’s formula for crafting a bio:

I help [the audience] [do what you help them do]

For more information, check out this article by Keyhole that dives into all things Instagram SEO–from keyword-optimised captions to advanced hacks like using the app’s alt settings.

Find Your Niche (s)

It may be tempting to follow along to whichever video format is popping off on your Instagram account to increase your Instagram followers. But it’s super important to experiment with the genre(s) and style of your content before settling on a niche. Just because mini vlogs are in, doesn’t mean that’s all you should go after.

If you’re unsure, it’s even more important to wear a bunch of different hats before finding the right one for you.

As a rule of thumb, your niche should be a field that you have passion or expertise in and at the same time, be easily monetised. Check out this list of the most profitable niches for Instagram for inspiration.

This can definitely change–so experiment as much as possible, keep an open mind, and funnel in.

Plan & Create Content The Smart Way

The science to experimenting with different types of content is to use a content calendar. This is your one-stop shop for keeping track of which content piece will go out when and will force you to plan ahead.

Once you’ve mastered this, you can also get to preparing content in batches. Influencer marketing expert Katie Steckly walks you through the process in this video.

This is a great practice if you’re transitioning to Instagram influencer marketing and may not have enough time to film, shoot, or plan every day. It also helps you keep your feed, posts, stories and Instagram bio super consistent and on-brand.

Use Tools To Make Life Easier

There are also a plethora of handy apps that do the heavy lifting for you. From planning to marketing, using them will allow you to focus on brainstorming and realising your vision.

For scheduling posts there’s Later, Canva is fantastic for graphic design, Unum helps you plan your feed, LinkTree’s perfect for sorting links, and DailyCutting makes for effortless social media videos.

DailyCutting takes all the stress out of video editing. Intuitive and super easy to use, it’s got sharp titles, a V/O feature, media libraries, graphic assets and more to help you tell stories with impact.

Make Use of The Resources You Have

Don’t have the latest vlogging camera? Don’t let that stop you from putting yourself out there.

There are endless resources online about filming videos with a budget set-up. No matter where you’re at in terms of equipment, there’s definitely a guide on it. For example, check out this one where YouTube creator Ali Abdaal shares how to film videos on your phone.

No ring light? Play this video on your TV and you can achieve a similar effect. For now, find hacks to achieve the kind of look you want with your videos. And trust us, there are hundreds of hacks ingenious creators have come up with to make do with what they’ve got.

Introduce Yourself

You may be a content creator in any niche, but remember to introduce your followers to you. Context is key–we’re talking your area, city, age, work status, etc. Remember, people want stories!

Let’s say you make videos about productivity on your Instagram business account. Outside of that, if you’re an Indian student content creator, you can give recommendations for products that are specific to your country and the education system that students go through. This will help other Indian viewers find you, and get more value out of your content.

To build true rapport with followers in the long term, show them who you are! The moment they receive more context to an Instagram handle, they’re going to feel more connected–and are more likely to stick around!


Try experimenting with vlogs, Q/As, Instagram Live sessions, or behind-the-scenes content to try this out. If you need more pointers, YouTube creator Trishonna offers some super actionable tips branding yourself as a media influencer on Instagram.

Network, Network, Network

When most newbies think about how to become a content creator on Instagram, the last thing they’re probably thinking about is collab-ing with others.

However, collaborations can skyrocket your success as a social media influencer. As you begin your journey, link up with other content creators that are from your area, whose work you look up to, or with a similar follower count and cross-pollinate.

This will not only help you find resources to tap into for tips on rates, content ideas, and more, you’ll also be building a support network of colleagues.

Make a list of content creators you want to reach out to every month and keep this going. This all starts with you regularly engaging with their content in an authentic way. Leave a comment on their content, share it with your followers, etc.

Once you’ve made your presence felt, drop in their DMs, ask if you can do a collaborative session like an Instagram Live, or even a Reel.

Wrapping Up How To Become A Content Creator on Instagram

We hope this round-up of tools, creators, and tips on how to become a content creator on Instagram made your roadmap a little more attainable.

Stick around to our blog for more pointers on creating content for social media.

And remember to check out DailyCutting for fuss-free editing that showcases the best of you.

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