Tacky looking videos are now a thing of the past

Starting on your video journey is always exciting. However, it can quickly dampen your spirits if the output isn’t great. Let’s face it – we look at other videos and it makes us feel bad. We do wish our videos also feel so polished. 

If your video doesn’t look slick, the effort behind creating it means nothing. The end goal, always, should be that your video is of top, top quality.

With ChopChop, the idea of using blocks reduces the effort drastically. We also have taken care of keeping you away from complex editing woes.

Ofcourse, none of that is important if the output isn’t great. That is not a problem with ChopChop!

How do we achieve this?

1. Built-in animations

Every element, be it an image or a text, has an animation built into it. When you add them to the video, you do not have to worry about what animation to apply. Even when you increase or decrease the duration of these elements, the animation doesn’t break.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter how good you are at motion graphics. Your output will always be stellar. 

2. Special blocks

Titles, punchlines, section breaks need cutting-edge motion graphics. It’s not cool to always have the same animation to your text.  With such special blocks on ChopChop, we have tried beautiful-looking motion graphics.

These will help you to pepper your story with good segments in between and make you look like a pro!

3. Wallpapers and Frames

We have added a very comprehensive set of wallpapers and transparent frames that you can use for your videos. These are divided into relevant categories like travel, food, interviews, explainer videos, etc.

Lastly, there are colour options that you will be using in your video. ChopChop provides combinations of background and foreground colours so that you always have the perfect mix on your screen. Simple yet a very strong hack to make sure everything looks solid!

As we move forward, we will be bringing in some insane features to help you get that right transition from one scene to another, that dances to the beat of the audio track you have added to your video. Stay tuned!