Creating a video story has never been easier

ChopChop exists for one reason only – to give an experience that is simpler and less stressful than existing video editors.

When you create videos from scratch, every element on the screen has to be created from scratch and placed. It needs design skills and visual expertise to create the perfect frame.

We realised this and created blocks!

Blocks are thought-out segments that you can use to construct your video story. These segments help you build a narrative. 

How do the blocks work?

Example 1: Recipe List

Say you want to put down a list of ingredients for your favourite dish. You want a heading for the content, followed by the list. Further, the list needs to appear in a sequential order with an animation style that suits the content.

Creating this from scratch is tedious. Using a block isn’t!

Everything – animation, positions, motion graphics – is built into the block. All you need to do is to write your heading and list into a form. 

Example 2: Talking Points

There’s a killer interview you took online and now want to make a video summary out of it. Wouldn’t it be great to have the video playing out on a part of the screen while the important points from the interview come up, at the right time, besides it.

Just thinking about how to create it on other video editors will make your mind spin. But on ChopChop, you will find a block that fits this need.

Again, all you need to do here is upload your video, select your time period and caption it. That is it!

And yes, we do help you with customisations that matter. Colour changes, placement, time duration, etc. – these things are possible.

Blocks will help you build a beautiful story, literally in minutes. Just keep…. writing!