Add voice-overs to your videos online

A well-delivered voiceover can be incredibly powerful when it comes to reinforcing the main points of your story.

For example, you might have a bar chart on screen showing the effectiveness of your product compared to your competitors, the voiceover can reinforce this by simply saying ‘A is proven to be 20% better than B’, leaving the viewer with a very clear message.

Recording a voiceover on ChopChop is super simple.

How to record a voiceover on ChopChop

Step 1: Record

Hover over a card to see the ‘microphone’ icon. Press the icon to start recording. Once done, you can release it to stop recording.

Step 2: Edit

Once recorded, hit ‘play’ to listen. Adjust the background music by using the ‘volume’ slider. To record again, just delete the current file.​

Step 3: Extend VO

To record a voice-over for the entire story, just record on the first card. Once done, click on the ‘link’ icon to extend the VO across the story.​

Couple of key things to remember when recording voiceovers:
  • Find a quiet spot. Make sure you turn off the fan or air-conditioner. 
  • Avoid repeating or reading out stuff that’s already on the screen… your voiceover should add value, not just repeat what the viewer is already seeing.

The information you can provide using voiceovers will be different depending on what kind of video you are making.

How to get your voiceovers right

1. Voiceovers in explainer videos


These videos use relevant pictures, infographics and screenshots on the screen. Voice-overs can be used effectively to communicate a lot about the product or the service, its pros and cons, amongst other attributes.

2. Voiceovers in travel videos


In videos likely to be driven by beautiful visuals, you can use your voiceover to give viewers critical information – travel time, route to take, weather to expect, etc. Add voice-overs while you show maps, information or filler footage on your screen.

3. Voiceovers in How-To videos


Since they crunch long processes into short videos, these types of videos use fast-forwards, skips, etc. to keep the story moving. In such cases, voice-overs guide viewers to go from one state to another. Think “wait for five minutes for the paint to dry”! 

4. Voiceovers in product videos

Product Review

It’s very difficult to go through all product features in a short, three-minute video (ideal length).  So the core features can be shown on the screen while voiceovers can be used to provide product intro, pricing, availability, etc.