Add captions and subtitles to your videos

Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful things that make a difference between connecting with your audience and losing them in the first few seconds. Adding captions/ subtitles to your videos is one such thing.

To add captions to your story is super simple on ChopChop.

How to add captions on ChopChop

Step 1: Upload Video

Select a video card, and add a video to it. You can add it from your computer or add it from your ‘My Uploads’ section within ChopChop.

Step 2: Generate Captions

Once added, click on “auto-generate captions” to generate captions automatically. Alternatively, you can add them manually too.

Step 3: Edit Text

Make edits to change text and the timings for these captions. You can do it by manually changing the timing or scrubbing on the video.

Whether you’re subtitling or captioning, make sure you capture the essence of what is being said instead of transcribing every word or translating literally.

While you can auto-generate the captions for any video in English, the manual input allows you to add text in any language and use them as subtitles.

Let’s quickly get to why captions and subtitles are so important to your video.

Why captions and subtitles are important

1. Viewing scenarios

 In an age where a lot of video content is being consumed on the mobile, and a large percentage of that is driven by people on the move, captions ensure your video is relevant for people watching on mute.

2. Clarity

Unless you’re an ace public speaker, chances are the points you or someone you are speaking to are making may not be entirely clear. Captions allow you to provide crisp, paraphrased information that will get rid of any ambiguity.

3. Reach

Captions for clarity, subtitles for scale! Subtitling your videos in different languages can help you reach a much wider audience.