Creating a video story has never been easier

ChopChop exists for one reason only – to give an experience that is simpler and less stressful than existing video editors.

Every video editing tool out there claims to be easy to use. But when we tried using them, we realised very quickly that there was so much that could be done to simplify the process for beginners.

I mean, the first is an example of a beautiful-looking template from a tool we’d used. And the next shows what happened the moment we tried to customise it by changing the font and adding just one digit to the number. 

How templates on other tools break when you try and make simple customisations

Basically, unless your text is exactly the same number of characters as the one in the template (extremely unlikely!), it’s more likely than not to look terrible the moment you start customizing it.

Now, if you’re a designer, you’d probably know how to move those little boxes around and make it pretty again, but if you were a designer, you probably wouldn’t be making a video in the first place!!!

Why ChopChop is perfect for beginners

On ChopChop, we use content blocks instead of templates with different editable layers. This means once you choose from our list of blocks, all you need to do is fill a simple form to customise this block.

Create a listicle video just by filling simple forms

Our compositing technology ensures the block looks nice no matter how many characters you enter (see example below). Easy, right?

Customise blocks by filling simple forms

Content Blocks: how they work

When every element on the screen is on different layers, one needs design skills and visual expertise to create the perfect frame. This isn’t the case with our blocks.

Our content blocks are thought-out segments that you can use to construct your video story. These segments help you build a narrative. 

Say you want to put down your list of products. You need a title, followed by the list. Further, the list needs to appear in a sequential order with an animation style that suits the content.

Creating this from scratch is almost impossible for beginners. Using a block isn’t!

Everything – animation, positions, motion graphics – is built into the block. All you need to do is to write your heading and list into a form. 

And yes, we do help you with customisations that matter: colour changes, placement, time duration, etc – all of these can be changed/ controlled using the forms.

Blocks will help you build a beautiful story, literally in minutes. Just keep…. writing!