Tips & Tricks

How to make a great video

Tips and Tricks

How to make a great video

Don’t make a video. Tell a story.

Getting your video right is hard, but not impossible. Here are some tips and tricks to make great videos from the word go.

How to keep your viewer engaged

The biggest difference between writing and making a video is that a video allows you very little room for self-indulgence.

More planning = Less stressing

It’s like cooking for the first time. You’ll find a recipe, buy the ingredients, follow each step meticulously... this is no different!

Think visually (even without visuals)

A combination of replacing words with visuals and treating your words as visuals can really take your video up a level!

The basic rules of decent voiceovers

For best results, use your voiceovers to add emphasis to the visuals rather than repeat what’s happening on screen.

The one with short answers

What’s the ideal length for a video? How does one know if a video is good or not? All this and more…