PART 7: The one with short answers

PART 7: The one with short answers

Will keep updating this FAQ section as and when new questions pop up!

What’s the ideal length for a video?

There is no such thing – there are some great stories on social media platforms that are seven seconds long, and there are movies where you can’t take your eyes off the screen for three hours.

When you’re starting off though, it might be easier to set limits – I’ll make this video 30 seconds long, or I’ll keep this one to under a minute – only because this will teach you to get rid of unnecessary bits and keep your video story tight and engaging.

How does one judge if a video is good or not?

Make someone watch it – ideally someone with the same profile as your target viewer – and ask them two questions:

  1. Did they get through to the end without getting bored?

  2. Did they get the message you intended to send?

Keep tweaking the video till the answer for both questions is yes.

The one thing to avoid while making a video…

Remember that it is not a powerpoint deck – don’t try and pack in too much information into one screen.

These are examples of great slides. BUT THEY WILL NOT WORK IN A VIDEO.

Personal rule of thumb is that your viewer should not have to watch the same screen/ visual for more than five to seven seconds (obviously, the exception is if there’s a longer video clip, say of someone speaking).

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