ChopChop: Make videos for all business communication

Videos are without doubt the best way to engage an audience today. As an HR, admin or comms team, why should your efforts to interact with your colleagues, clients and investors be any different?

With ChopChop, you can make videos to:

  • Onboard and educate new employees
  • Showcase your company’s values/ achievements
  • Introduce, recognise and reward employees
  • Share interviews featuring senior management
  • Announce events and activities
Perfect video creation tool for beginners

Why ChopChop

With our video-editing tool, making a video is as easy as writing a memo or making a presentation. It’s all about picking the right blocks and filling simple forms!

Basically, unlike other tools on the market, Do-It-Yourself is actually doable with ChopChop.

Watch: ChopChop in action

Play Video about Sample recipe video
Play Video about How to make a recipe video on ChopChop

Some ideas for your first video