How to make a Product Ad Video? [Format + Examples]

How to make a Product Ad Video? [Format + Examples]

If you’re considering making short video ads to promote your business on social media, know that you’re already ahead of the pack.

Not only do consumers prefer watching video ads to know more about a product, but not a ton of companies have begun leveraging the power of video for their marketing strategy.

So, where to begin? We know it can be a bit tricky to nail product videos on your first try, so keep reading our guides and examples that show you how it’s done.

Define your target demographic and goals

This will involve digging through your analytics and developing a user persona to create video ads for your specific target audience. You can find out more about user personas in our previous blog post on product demo videos. It’s super important to set some specific, measurable goals before you begin working on your video advertising. For example, reaching a specific increase in followers or getting an xx% increase in your click-through rate.

Figure out your platform and ad format

Your demographic and goals will influence the platform and ad format you select. Now you may be thinking what the deal is, they’re all videos right? But a Facebook ad is quite different from a reel on Instagram.

Here’s some inspiration for Facebook ads, and here’s some if you’re looking to create a video ad for Instagram.

Remember that the platform will not only determine the tonality, but also the ideal length of your video. However, as a rule of thumb we recommend keeping it under 90 seconds.

Set a budget and scope for your product ad video

Now’s the time to figure out the logistics.

How long will this ad or campaign run and what kind of resources can you allocate to it? Will you create the video in-house or hire an agency? Will you use it to promote your entire range of offerings or a specific product?

Use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) format to craft a compelling message. This is the 101 of marketing and we’ve talked about this format extensively in our earlier pieces too, which you can read here.

But bottom line, the first 15-20 seconds needs to hook your audience by touching on a pain point specific to them.

The next 30-45 seconds should be dedicated to giving a description of your product or service and how it solves their pain point to pique their interest.

And the final 10 or 15 seconds must seal the deal with a strong call-to-action that lets them know how they can find out more or purchase what’s being shown in the ad.

Feel free to throw in discounts or phrases like ‘limited time only’ to build a sense of urgency that gets them to click quickly.

Create a script/storyboard and plan your shoot

Putting together a script/storyboard mainly involves two elements – writing out what the voiceover will say and putting down a description or drawing of what the shot will look like along with potential video transitions.

Write down a list of props, actors, and other elements you’ll need to set up your shots perfectly.

Give this a few iterations and make sure to get as many eyes on this as possible to help snuff out any issues you may not have foreseen.

While planning your shoot, make sure you shoot more takes and film more than you think you’ll need. More ideas can be sparked in the editing process!

Put it all together with DailyCutting

Now it’s time for the best part – to see your product video ad come together.

Let’s face it, at this point you must be super winded already. Editing can get quite time consuming and expensive if you’re trying to work either professional tools or cloud-based tools that still focus on the editing process.

DailyCutting is a tool that helps you create your video with zero actual editing. It has all the tools you’ll need to create a minimal, yet effective product video, like striking titles, unique graphic elements, a rich media library, as well as a built-in voiceover feature.

The storyboard approach gets the job done quickly and helps you make a beautiful final product.

Three Examples of Effective Video Ads

Now, let’s take a look at some ad examples that can fire up your imagination and show you how it’s done!

Sugar Cosmetics: A text-heavy product ad with youthful energy

This first video ad by Sugar is a great example that you don’t need a super high budget for effective video marketing.

It mainly relies on sharp text and titles to highlight the unique benefits of their highlighter as the model shows how the product performs on the skin. You can easily achieve a similar kind of output to these short video ads examples with DailyCutting’s titles and graphic assets.

The advert is also infused with a fun and youthful energy thanks to the music and expressions of the actors.

You’ll also see the Sugar logo throughout the video. DailyCutting also allows you to add your logo to product ads, so you can keep the visuals minimalistic while still on-brand.

Easycase: A minimal product ad video

If you’re looking to highlight a product where smaller details or fine craftsmanship need to be highlighted, this video ad is a great one to use as inspiration. The one thing you’ll definitely need for this one is a high-quality camera with a macro lens that can capture these smaller details.

The absence of a voiceover is kind of neat because here the product quite literally speaks for itself. Instead of a voiceover, it actually uses dramatic music to build a crescendo leading up to the final reveal of the watch. DailyCutting’s wide audio library has got you covered here too – choose from our wide selection of music to achieve your desired effect.

The references to luxury come with the use of a stark white flatlay and props like the hourglass which themselves are quite minimal and inexpensive from a production standpoint.

Slack: Using humour to make the product shine

Last but not least, this video ad by Slack is super refreshing thanks to its mockumentary format. It’s an extremely entertaining and tactile advertisement, especially for a SAAS product where advertisers’ first thought may be to focus on the interface of the app.

Notice the focus on storytelling – it functions as a product testimonial and demo all-in-one. And it’s extra watchable since it uses humour to highlight a real-life case study of a workplace using its services. You can create a similar effect of the pop-ups seen in this video with DailyCutting’s range of video titles.

If you’re looking to really push the creative envelope with your social network advertising, this could be a great one to emulate. And if scripted tightly, it can even even be executed by members of your own team!

Wrapping Up Your Product Ad Video

Now that we’ve shared our top tips and a bunch of video ads examples to get you started on your video journey, go out there and make content that converts!

And don’t forget to check out DailyCutting for a smooth editing experience that you’ll keep coming back to.

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