How to Write a Video Resume Script? [Format + Examples]

How to Write a Video Resume Script? [Format + Examples]

That sweet new company you’ve always coveted finally has an opening. You hit the apply button and hey, what’s this? The job application requires… a video resume? Worry not, a video resume is an excellent way to showcase your personality and profile in real-time beyond the confines of the traditional resume. Do it well, and it can even up your odds of getting the gig. Read on for our best pointers on how to write a video resume script that will help you land your dream job.

1. Getting started

Let’s start with what a video resume script is not — a recitation of the written word. In fact, it needs to supplement your paper resume and bring stuff on the page to life. The goal is to create a professional first impression for hiring managers. Here’s a step-by-step guide with our best video resume tips.

Psst. If you’re a fresher or an engineer, we’ve got a couple of fill-in-the-blank scripts for you at the end of this post! For everyone else, you can use these scripts as a guideline to write your own.

But first…

Find some inspiration

Before you start, watch 5-7 video resume examples from your industry to check out exactly what is out there and the clichés to avoid. Make a note of the tone, structure, and delivery style, and any other additions to incorporate in your own video resume script. The goal is to cater to your job industry or role.

Decide on a length

To sustain your hiring manager’s attention, it must be a short video ranging from a minute to 90 seconds. This time constraint will force you to keep the content snappy, and engaging. A tall order, we know, but you got this.

Show, don't tell

To make a video resume, the goal is show, not tell. Use the video medium as a way to emphasize or illustrate your point. An easy way to do this is to write your script as a two-column table. On the left, add what you will say and on the right, add visuals–a logo, photo, chart, or animated graphic. Leave some breathing space too, you don’t want the viewer to be distracted.

Don't forget the basics

Open with a smile and remember the first 20 seconds should be for the basics–a quick introduction containing your name, the role you’re applying for, and your most recent qualification or previous position. End with a quick reference to what excites you about the company outside the role (like how the company’s values align with your own), a confident call-to-action, and you’re all set. This call-to-action can be as simple as requesting them to contact you–or if you’re feeling extra confident– schedule a video interview.

2. Get your story straight

Remember that a good video resume is the one that tells a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Here are a few examples of narrative structures to get you started:

  1. Video Cover Letter: Pick 3-4 of the most important skills needed for the job and illustrate them with specific examples or situations from your previous experience. This sandwich of skill-example-outcome is tried-and-tested across industries and will help you create an engaging video resume even if you’re feeling uninspired.

  2. Project Walkthrough: Follow this up with examples of your work. If you’re applying for a job in a creative industry, pick the most impressive project in your portfolio and walk employers through key points in the creative process from start to finish and the challenges you overcame throughout. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate your creative thinking and problem-solving skills in real-time for a professional video resume that gives recruiters a glimpse into what it would be like working with you.

  3. Career Snapshot/Recap: If you’re looking to change industries or careers, your video resume could capture what sparked the transition and the transferrable skills you’re bringing to the table. It can serve as a recap of your journey in or towards that field. A great example comes from Isabel Salas, a social media specialist.

3. Use simple graphics

Sometimes all you need to make your video go from amateur to professional is the use of simple, relevant graphics.

For example, have a simple graphic with your name and skillset slide in for a few seconds when you first start speaking. If there’s something you want to emphasise, have the talking points slide in when you’re speaking. These small touches will add a big impact.

On ChopChop – a video tool built for first-time creators, it’s super easy to add graphics to your video clips, so do check it out when you have some time.

Video resume script for freshers

If you’re a fresher straight out of college, you can stand out simply by going the video resume route.

Job seekers need all the help they can get to make their application unique, and a great video resume tells recruiters you think differently. This is your chance to discuss the real-life learnings and skills built from leadership positions, clubs and activities, and internships completed throughout college.

Since it’s your first job, hiring managers want to see a passion and budding proficiency for the industry/subject area. They’re looking for people whom they can train to become future leaders, meaning the must-haves outside the job description include interpersonal skills, visual communication, clarity of thought, presentation skills etc.

And all these can be illustrated through the video resume.

A video resume script for freshers could look something like this:

Hi, my name is Sam Smith and I’m a Communications major from Hunter College in Spring 2021. I’m based in London and can speak English and French. Over the next 2 minutes, I’d like to tell you why I’d be a great fit for the Social Media Manager position at ATC. First off, my coursework in [subjects] has given me strong foundations in [areas relevant to the role]. I’m a self-taught SEO marketing and analytics professional certified by Google.

Let me take you back to my junior year, where I got a chance to apply these skills in real-time through my internship at ZenDesk. I optimized their back-end SEO which upped the click-through rate by 7.2%. I became a true team-player working with cross-functional teams across industries. I also headed social media marketing for the Robotics Club at university, taking it from 10 to 250 members in just 2 years.

To wrap it up, I’m a quick learner who thrives in fast-paced environments, and I’m excited to use my passion for social media to carry ATC’s vision of sustainable societies. Thanks so much for your time, please check out my resume for more details!

Video resume script for engineers

When it comes to a video resume script for engineers, it’s all about highlighting your technical expertise and problem-solving skills. Here, you could use the Project Walkthrough format to highlight a specific project and demonstrate your approach.

Here’s our crack at a video resume script for engineers:

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m a self-taught software engineer with 5 years of experience with Python and SQL. I started my career at [company 1], a food delivery start-up of 5 employees before moving on to [company 2], an advertising agency of over 200 employees, so I’m familiar with the demands of businesses at each level.

Being in charge of development at [Company 1] gave me a chance to nail my fundamentals and come up with new approaches to smooth out our workflows. And moving on to [Company 2] taught me to take my processes to scale. I also did some freelance work over the last year. I’d like to take you through one of these projects.

I had to develop an app for an e-learning website named []. My main challenge here was to develop a mobile app which offered a seamless user experience and could be used by kids in remote areas with spotty internet connections. During the initial stage, I encountered [challenge 1]. I realized the way to go was [solution 1]. And next was the issue of [challenge 2]. Together my team and I decided to [solution 2]. I’m happy to report that the app was super well-received with minimum bugs, and it got us [outcome].

I’m passionate about creating delightful user experiences and always curious to find new ways to approach tough problems. Please check out my portfolio for more details, and feel free to write me at the email ID on the screen. Thanks for your time!

Head over to ChopChop

Now that you’ve got all our best tips on how to make a brilliant video CV, it’s time to get down to it.

Wondering how to do it? ChopChop makes it super quick and easy, even if you’ve never edited videos before. Simply upload the clip, choose the graphic style, enter the text in the form, and you’re all set!

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