How to Make a Study Vlog [4 Tips + Recommendations]

How to Make a Study Vlog [4 Tips + Recommendations]

If you’re confused over what type of videos to start your content creation journey off with, study vlogs are a great pick.

With the world transitioning over to online learning from their bedrooms, study vlogs have an instant relatability to them.

The study vlog is also one of the most-watched type of vlog, especially if your target audience is Gen Z. This content has become so popular that it built a thriving community around the world.

So why should you make a study vlog for your YouTube channel? Well, it’s a great video to start off with as a young creator who may be balancing university or school on the side. Since you must be studying in any case, you might as well vlog the process and share tips with your audience.

In this article, we will be taking you through how to make a study vlog of your own and start building your audience today.

Study vlogs are one of the easier types of videos to pull off if you’re looking to start vlogging. Unlike travel vlogs, for example, you don’t need a ton of pricy inputs like a scenic foreign location or expensive cameras to make an engaging video.

Use ChopChop to make your first video blog right now!

Four Tips on How To Make A Study Vlog

1. Figure Out Your Aesthetic And Stick To It

Though study vlogs don’t require breathtaking views of nature, viewers generally flock to these YouTube videos for their aesthetic quality.

In fact, the best study vlog channel on YouTube is the kind that takes studying from being a stressful and tiring activity to a calming, relaxing experience. Your goal is to provide that serene vibe.

So, it’s important that you figure out what your aesthetic is and use that to make your video stand out. This could be through the props in your video — for example, stationery and desk implements — or even in post-production elements like the music.

You can also lean into trending subcultures like Dark Academia to inform your desk setup and the music, colours or style of your video like this vlogger did (this would also help your video get picked up by social media algorithms).

2. Pick Your Subject Areas & Niche Down

Defining your subject matter will help you further niche down your content and bring it to the relevant audience.

Mention the name of your program, course, or degree in the video title and drive value by giving viewers tips on specific subjects or areas within that field.

For example, there are several study vloggers in India like The Medico whose niche is NEET preparation videos. All their content revolves specifically around preparing for this competitive exam.

You can niche down even further by figuring out what topics you will cover within the vlog itself. StudyTube and StudyTok broadly encompass stationery reviews, instructional videos on how to study more efficiently, etc. Incorporate these into your vlog to switch up the pace and make it more useful for your viewers.

Will you make a study tips vlog, like in this video by Emma Louise?


Or will you film raw footage in real-time to help those who want an online study buddy, as the Study to Success YouTube channel does? Or perhaps you want to additionally share some helpful resources?

3. Add Visual Interest To Your Study Vlog

Study vlogs often tend to be longer videos, so you want to ensure that your frame is just right. It can help to use a multi-camera setup to up your video production game. For decent video quality, your phone and an additional vlogging camera should do the trick.

Incorporating different types of camera angles will add visual interest to the viewer, especially if the majority of the video involves you sitting in one location.

YouTube creator Love, Nika has nailed it with videos like this one.

The various props you’re using become important here also. Change up the style of shots often, and give the audience a full 360 of the activity you’re doing. You can also purchase stationery and use supplies that fit within a consistent aesthetic to make it all look cohesive.

Seeing someone who has their notes and revision in order inspires viewers to do the same. It’s enjoyable and useful for them to see new techniques when it comes to how others set up their desks, take their notes, do revisions, etc.

When you’re making instructional video content, in particular, make sure to film each part of the process, using close-up shots that demonstrate the technique or tip adequately.

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can decide how much of your day you want to document. You can either choose to capture just the hours in which you are studying or show additional content like switching between classes, making yourself a snack, doing household chores, etc.

4. Use ChopChop To Put It All Together

Once you’ve sat down and recorded your video footage, it’s time to bring it together with ChopChop.

We’ve got all the tools you need to put together a super aesthetic study vlog. Even if you’ve never used video-editing software in the past, our storyboard-based editor makes it super easy and intuitive.

You can also Record and add voice-overs right within the tool to add extra context and share additional tips.

Find the perfect upbeat yet cinematic background music from our audio library, which has hundreds of tracks for you to choose from.

You can also add captions and other text to highlight any other pointers which you want to emphasize.

Best Study Vloggers On YouTube To Inspire You

If you’re still in need of more inspiration, check out our round-up of some of the best study vloggers from around the web.

Her concise yet casual style of presentation makes you feel like you’re getting study advice from your best friend. Studyquill offers different guides for students who want to improve their ways of working. The college grad’s productivity-related content is full of useful hacks for students in school, university, or adults who feel they simply don’t have enough hours in the day. From tips on note-taking to Study With Me vlogs and stationery reviews, Jasmine has a variety of content that will suit viewers in need of study motivation or if they want to take a break.

Combining productivity with aesthetics is this creator’s forte. Her editing style has given her a distinct niche in the world of StudyTube. Known best for her real-time Study With Me videos, Nika also has an excellent set of videos for those looking to upgrade their desk setup. Her minimalistic and calming videos are a favourite of stressed students around the world. Keep an eye out for her background scores, pacing, and editing style–which take studying from something daunting to more relaxing.

Closer home, StudyNest is a study vlogger who has created a lot of content around her preparations for the Chartered Accountancy (CA) and Company Secretary (CS) exams. Though she’s less popular than the other two names on this list, you can still find a lot of great videos on her channel. Not only does she share study tips for other aspirants, but she’s also got a bunch of Study With Me videos for those needing a study buddy. The great thing about this creator is that on top of creating ‘productive’ study day vlogs, she also films content when she’s taking breaks or not being productive. This larger messaging around the pressure to be productive is one that a lot of viewers can resonate with.

Are you looking to start a a Study Vlog?

Now that we’ve shared all our best tips for making a study vlog, it’s time to sit at your desk and get down to it.

And don’t forget to check out ChopChop for a fuss-free editing experience. You can sign up here.

Be sure to check back on our blog next week for more useful content creation pointers.

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