How To Create A Product Review Video [10 Tips + Examples]

How To Create A Product Review Video [10 Tips + Examples]

We are well into the age of e-commerce now. Product reviews have become an amazing tool for users to find out more information about which products they should invest their hard-earned money into.

A good product review is one that’s short, sweet, and to the point. Those seeking these often watch multiple videos to get as much information as possible about the item they’re interested in.

Savvy users want to ensure they’re getting the bang for their buck – and reviews help them achieve this goal.

They are an excellent format to highlight the strengths of your product and demonstrate its best features. In addition to a walkthrough of the features, these videos usually contain analysis and competitor research to help audiences figure out which features they should prioritize over what.

You could create product video review of just about anything under the sun, ranging from gadgets like laptops and phones to appliances, toys, stationery, and more. Keep reading for our best tips on how to create a product review for social media that audiences will love (and watch through till the end!).

You can make use of these no matter if you’re an influencer creating a review for your YouTube channel, or a marketer trying to get the word out there about your own product.

Tip #1 - Keep it short and sweet

There’s no place for fluff in a product video.
A good product review is one that’s short, sweet, and to the point. Those seeking these often watch multiple videos to get as much information as possible about the item they’re interested in.
That’s why it’s crucial to get them to stay on your video for its entire duration. This can be achieved with simple editing and quick cuts. A good rule of thumb is to keep your video under 3 minutes.

Tip #2 - Keep an eye on user comments

Since we’re trying to keep the video crisp and to the point, it’s best to select beforehand which features you will discuss in detail. How you select these features can depend on a variety of factors.

If a product is already on the market, it’s a good idea to look at the comments section of popular shopping platforms – they’re usually full of queries that need answering!

You could also hone in on the most hyped feature or something novel which hasn’t been introduced by the competition, for example. Here it can help to watch other reviews of products from the same industry.

Checking out which features others are covering in-depth can serve as a guide for your own script. Doing so will also help you find out which features are less discussed but still worth exploring.

This may also help niche down your audience and direct those wanting to know more information about that specific feature.

Tip #3 - Avoid technical jargon

Users often turn to product reviews to get a real-life sense of the product in action. When it comes to tools, machinery, or gadgets, you might feel tempted to focus on all the specifications and numbers. However, just because you have an understanding of these doesn’t mean your audience will too.

As a reviewer, you’re also an educator and expert. As a result, you also have to teach your audience and explain to them what certain features can do for them or help them achieve.

Remember that your goal is to avoid technical jargon.

If you’re talking about a laptop, for example, don’t focus solely on the numbers and jargon like RAM and SDD. Tell the viewer exactly how the feature enhances their experience. For example, you could say that a laptop with a hard drive of this type is the right choice for those doing heavy-duty activities like video editing and gaming.

YouTube creator Tech Burner does an excellent job of this in this video covering the right specifications to consider before purchasing a phone. Though this is not a standard review, it still compares a lot of phones and tells audiences exactly how the feature will benefit them.

Tip #4 - Use tried and tested video formats

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, stick to the basics. Unboxing videos, product setup videos, and video walkthroughs covering the essential features are formats that have been perfected by creators before you – so use these as templates when creating your product review video.

Tip #5 - Have a balanced view

If you’re a video creator making a product video review for a brand, it’s crucial to cover both the good and the bad. As a reviewer, your goal is to give a 360 picture of the product with its merits and demerits.

This is especially important when working with a brand that you may personally use and vouch for. You may be tempted to go on about how it’s the best in the market, but remember to keep a balanced view. If not, you will use your credibility as a reviewer.

Tip #6 - Go beyond the standard product specs

Effective product review videos go beyond the general specs of a product. It’s essential to give a glimpse of the user experience beyond what the company’s claims are.

In fact, your review video should be a little investigative in nature. Provide value to your viewers by assessing the claims made and put them to the test. This is also a great way to drive traction to your product review videos since it creates an element of curiosity about whether the product actually performs the way it was advertised.

Tip #7 - Focus on touch and feel

The reason so many people watch review videos is that they’re often purchasing items online and won’t be able to get a real feel for them like they would in the store.
Along with a commentary on its features, your job here is to give them a detailed picture of what the product feels like and its physical attributes.

Focus on the feel of the product, the build quality, paint, size, weight, etc. A great way to showcase the product in action is to shoot your product demonstration in the real-life setting where it is meant to be used.

This video by Cosmopolitan reviewing the Skims shapewear brand achieves this quite well.

It uses women of different body shapes and sizes wearing the shapewear underneath body-hugging clothes they would actually wear in real life.

Tip #8 - Compare your product with the competition

If you’re marketing your own product, using this video format allows you to explain to your audience exactly how your product fares compared to others.
This may seem a bit difficult because you obviously don’t want to praise your competitors too much.

However, the goal here is to demonstrate how your product stands out. Focus on the features which you know are superior in your product and demonstrate its USP.

YouTuber Mark Farell demonstrates this very well in his video comparing AirPods with the Beats Studio Buds. You’ll notice he has a list of different parameters including design, noise cancellation, sound quality, battery, and more that he uses for this comparison.

Tip #9 - Good lighting and a tripod go a long way

While you don’t need studio-level equipment to create a great product review, here are a few other things to keep in mind to get the best production value.

Your phone camera is sufficient to create high-quality visuals. However, it might be a good idea to invest in some lights to ensure your set-up looks perfect.

In this type of video format, you’re quite literally showing the product from all angles, so it’s super important your lighting is on point. Even natural lighting in front of a window can get the job done.

Another essential is a tripod. You could always create a make-shift one using a stack of books or a piece of furniture if needed. As long as it gets you a steady shot without shakiness, you’re good to go.

Tip #10 - Keep the edits simple and clean

Unlike more cinematic video formats like the vlog, a product review is quite cut and dry. This means that your edits have to be super clean, crisp, and shouldn’t become a distraction.

Think steady wide-angle shots along every intercut so often with close-ups and B-roll for the demonstration portion of the video. It’s also a great idea to use on-screen text, especially while mentioning technical specifications or more specialized features.
Check out how GeekyRanjit does this.

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Looking to create a product review video?

Product reviews are one of the best ways to get some hype going around your product. Use the tips outlined above to create a product video that will both educate and add value to your audience.

Don’t forget to check out ChopChop, and head to our blog for more tips for video creators.

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