Content Creator vs Content Marketer – What’s Best for You?

Content Creator vs Content Marketer – What’s Best for You?

As more and more businesses and personalities develop their online presence, the world of social media marketing is becoming more and more cut-throat. What this means though is that experts in this field are suddenly high in demand.

This blog should help you make the right choice if you’re starting off your content creation journey!

If you’re just starting off, it’s definitely worth spending time to see if you’re a good fit for the content creation industry. This blog should help you decide which niche to choose.

Should you be a content writer or content creator? What about a content marketer? Though there is a considerable amount of overlap across these, there are subtle nuances between the roles.

Keep reading for our breakdown of the difference between creators vs content marketer to figure out which is right for you.

What is a Content Writer/Creator?

Content creation involves any and all activities which come under creating content that can engage your demographic and drive value.

What is a content writer. The core areas that a beginner content creator needs to focus on if they want to be a writer/ creator.

Depending on whether you’re a content creator or writer, this could involve simply written material (like blog posts and whitepapers) or multimedia content (like testimonial videos and vlogs).

To break it down further, content writing involves all aspects of the process from ideation, secondary research, interviews with experts, finding images, optimizing SEO and keywords etc.


What is a Content Marketer/Strategist?

Content marketing mainly encompasses creating, designing, and optimizing social media campaigns. This means they have to put together a set of goals (eg increase conversions), manage the editorial calendar and content library, identify the relevant channels to publish the content on, as well as keeping track of metrics using tools like Google Analytics.

What is a content marketer. While a content creator's job is largely creative, a content marketer needs to be a good strategist.

Once the writer/creator has sent out an article, video, or graphic post that aligns with the overall content marketing strategy, it is the content strategist’s job to distribute it for the widest reach and target it to the relevant audiences.

The goal of a content marketing manager is to influence users to change their opinion or behaviors. This could mean anything among providing a fresh take on an industry topic or encouraging them to make a purchase.

The key objective here is to push out your content to the desired audience and boost engagement. This is why the terms content strategist and marketer are often used interchangeably.

In other words, while content creation is a creative role, content marketing is more of a strategic role.

Though you are constantly optimizing your metrics across both if these, they require different skill sets and industry knowledge. You can play to your strengths and decide accordingly.

Skills of a Content Writer

When it comes to content writing, your focus is on the A to Z of the written word. The goal is to simply to create effective content. Great content assets are error-free, research-backed, and full of insights that drive value to your audience.

Primary skills needed to a content writer, including secondary research, picking good images and competitor analysis

However, you need more than good writing skills you need to thrive in this role.

Creating successful content means conducting research, competitor analysis, and ideating new and relevant topics that can lend discoverability to your brand.

In addition, you may also need to take on some aspects of content promotion and marketing. Since your assets are already defined under a pre-determined content strategy, you are by default engaged in its marketing. Here, it is always helpful to have some basic digital marketing skills like SEO optimization and keyword research.

Another example of this is adjusting the tone or length of a blog article to suit your audience.


Skills of a Content Marketer

Though content marketing comes with a focus on execution, it also involves influencing parts of the content creation process. Content marketers must figure out what the audience wants, and how it can be delivered best to them.

Primary skills needed to be a content strategy, including figuring out what the audience wants to a long-term vision and strong communication skills.

So, in addition to core marketing skills like in-bound lead generation, you would also need to be well-versed with consumer research and data analysis to identify target demographics and the types of content fit for them.

To succeed in content marketing, one can benefit from having a wide range of experience across content types and styles.

Because this is a strategic role, they must also have a long-term vision. This is where having experience in digital content across platform types is beneficial.

Digital marketing is also a must-have skill to crunch the data behind the content. Skills like social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and SEO are all beneficial here. Having a solid foundation in automation tools like Hubspot or Trello is also a must to optimize marketing strategy.

Project management also consists of a huge chunk of content marketing because one has to oversee content assets across their life cycle. Good communication skills are a must to translate client objectives into successful campaigns.


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Looking to start your journey as a creator?

Now that we’ve broken down the differences between these two roles, we hope you have a better sense of which you’re better suited for.

Remember that since there is a fair amount of overlap between them, you can always start out in one field and slowly branch out into the other.

Don’t forget to check out ChoChop and head back to our blog for more useful tips for creators just like you. 

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