5 Best Mics for Content Creators in 2022

5 Best Mics for Content Creators in 2022

Clear and crisp audio is one of the key production aspects to nail as a creator to take your content from good to great.

Once you’ve got a handle on your scripts and voiceover content, the next order of business should always be upgrading your production quality.

Think about it: you might be able to live with visuals being a bit shaky, or not high definition, but you are likely to click off a video if you can’t hear what the person is saying.

Audio is essential to get your point across to the viewer. A great mic makes you more engaging and memorable to your audiences–whether you’re dishing out podcasts, YouTube videos, tutorial videos, live streaming, or simply recording the occasional voiceover for a vlog.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 5 best mics for content creators in 2022. There is a range of price tiers covered, so you can find something no matter your budget.

Our take on the best mics for content creators

If you’re looking to upgrade your audio setup without breaking the bank, this lavalier (clip-on) mic by Boya is an excellent entry-level mic for creators. And did we mention it’s approved by the creators like Technical Guruji?

What we love

Designed for smaller set-ups: Along with the standard DSLRs and PC, this mic is designed to be used with smartphones, so it’s superb for smaller creators as well.

Omni pick-up pattern with impressive noise cancellation: Even with a single condenser, the sound quality is worth noting provided you’ve done your bit to minimize echoes and background noises like fans.

Extremely portable: It’s tiny enough to fit in your pocket and the 6 m cable makes it super easy to maneuver your set-up.

What needs work

You may have to purchase a TRRS to TRS adapter if you want to use it with action cameras.

No battery indicator, which means you’ll have to be extra vigilant and always have extras on hand.

Jack of all trades USB mic

The Blue Yeti is one of the best mid-range USB mics available in the market, and an excellent pick for beginners. This mic is for newbie creators who want a minimalist setup.

What we love

Fuss-free to set up: All you need to do is plug it in your USB slot. This makes it compatible with all types of devices and has no added cost of having to purchase extra hardware components.

Versatile polar patterns: It supports cardioid, Omni, bidirectional, and stereo sound pickup, making it a jack of all trades.

Adjustable stand: This makes it super easy to position the mic however you’d like.

Foolproof controls for beginners: All the essential configurations are right on the mic, like volume, pattern selection, and instant mute, giving you full control even as a beginner.

Adjustable gain: The mic’s adjustable gain control lets you tweak its sensitivity in real-time. A boon for podcasting and live-streaming.

What needs work

The mic is notorious for picking up a hissing sound.

Portability can be a bit of an issue, as the mic is heavy.

The cable provided can get disconnected easily with a lot of movement.

Premium mid-range mic for podcasters and streamers

If you’re on the hunt for a good mic for more seasoned creators, this one from Shure is a dynamic professional-quality studio-level microphone that will take your sound to the next level. Note that you will need to have a boom arm already, or purchase one along with this mic.

What we love

Top-notch build quality: Shure is known for creating sleek and premium gadgets, and this mic is no exception.

Touch controls to adjust audio gain and mute: With no buttons or dials to fuss over, the controls are easily accessible and let you make tweaks in a flash.

Minimizes post-production: Its voice isolation technology and customizable sound and tone from the companion ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app help you easily optimize your recording in real-time with minimal post-production cleanup.

Configuration is a breeze: When connected with USB, it offers an Auto Level mode along with a manual mode to suit all your diverse audio recording needs.

Offers both XLR and USB modes: This also makes it a great pick for singers.

What needs work

The built-in pop filter was found to be ineffective by many users.

Rode is a highly coveted brand in the world of audio, and the Wireless Go II mic is perfect for full-time podcasters or creators. With no cables and a ton of features to get the best possible audio output, this is a great microphone if your budget can stretch to Rs. 30,000.

What we love

Supports TRS, USB-C, and iOS digital output: Versatility is a huge plus here, as you can plug this dynamic microphone into cameras, tablets, PCs, or even a smartphone.

Excellent range, audio quality, and noise cancellation: It offers sharp audio at a range of 200 m between the transmitter and receiver.

Dual-channel with the ability to record channels separately: This provides a lot of flexibility for post-production and getting creative with how you want to merge your audio.

Light-weight and super portable: Both the transmitter and receiver are small enough to fit in your pocket.

Automatic internal backup of all audio recordings on the transmitter.

What needs work

A TRRS TO TRS cable (for recording with smartphones) is not provided.

The price point of this mic is heavily inflated in India, so you may be better off asking a friend abroad to buy it for you.

Shotgun mic built for the studio and field

This battery-operated mic has been designed especially to be used with video cameras and performs in the studio and out on the field. This is a promising mic for creators who travel, filmmakers, journalists, or video professionals who aren’t always in the studio.

What we love

Switchable range settings: You get maximum flexibility with the “Normal” setting for close & medium-distance sound recording and the “Tele” setting for long-distance audio pick-up.

Powerful cardioid polar pattern: This mic uses a cardioid condenser designed to pick up dialogue and sound effects at a distance, while eliminating ambient noise like traffic.

Super portable: This mic weighs in at just over 100g, making it super easy to carry with you on the go.

Superior build quality with a range of accessories: It comes with a camera mount, stand clamp, windscreen, adapter plug, and even AA batteries.

What needs work

The cable provided is only 1 m long

Wrapping Up: Best Mics for Content Creators

We hope you were able to find the best mic to suit your needs as a creator from this list of our top picks.

Keep checking the DailyCutting blog for more tech recommendations and tips for creators!

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