Record and add voice to your videos

Use ChopChop to record voice-overs. The easiest and fastest way to add voice to your videos.


Why is a good voiceover important for your video?

Voice-overs are great to use on videos for multiple different reasons. If you are a creator, you will find it immensely useful for:


Emphasise bits you want viewers to take away from your video


Summarise a big chunk of what viewers saw in your video


Give additional info and context to support visual footage

How to add voiceovers on ChopChop


Switch to the audio tab for an entire library of music tracks, categorized based on different moods. Click on the play button to sample each track.


Once you’ve selected the track you want to use for your video, just click on the ‘Use’ button to add it to your video story.


Once you’ve selected your audio track, you can adjust the volume. Choose the optimal volume based on the type of video you’re making.

Explainer videos help creators, especially marketers, highlight a product, service or business. These videos use relevant pictures, infographics and screenshots on the screen. Voice-overs can be used effectively to communicate a lot about the product or the service, its pros and cons, amongst other attributes. Pro-tip – remember to not repeat what’s already visible on the screen.

Travel videos need to capture a lot in a short duration – video footage of the journey, place of stay, sightseeing attractions, etc. You can record your voice to give viewers critical information – travel time, route to take, weather to expect, etc. Voice-overs will free up space for showing moments from your journey.

How-to videos tend to use fast-forwards, skips, etc. to keep it crunch a long process into a short duration. In such cases, voice-overs guide viewers to go from one state to another. Think “wait for five minutes for the paint to dry”! 

The core features can be shown on the screen while voice-overs can be used to provide product intro, pricing, availability, etc. Voice-overs should also be used to summarise your final verdict.