Add captions and subtitles to videos

Caption your videos online using ChopChop and make it accessible to a larger audience


Why do we need to caption our videos?

Captions have been a viewer’s best friend for a long time. We all are used to reading captions and getting more out of what is being said on the screen.


Make your content accessible to a larger audience


Leave no room for ambiguity, provide clarity


Give additional info around all audio effect in the scene

How to add captions on ChopChop


Select a video card, and add a video to it. You can add it from your computer or add it from your ‘My Uploads’ section within ChopChop.


Once added, click on “auto-generate captions” to generate captions automatically. Alternatively, you can add them manually too.


Make edits to change text and the timings for these captions. You can do it by manually changing the timing or scrubbing on the video.

Subtitles translate dialogues in a video to other languages. 
Captions include dialogues and all the other audio-effects you see in the video. 
Open-captions are always visible, while closed-captions can be turned off.

You increase accessibility by making your content comprehensible for a wider audience. They help build an enhanced user experience, thereby improving watch time on your videos online.

A lot of users on social media watch videos, without the audio. In such cases, the only help available is video captions. Add captions to make sure your videos stay relevant, even without audio!

On the screen long enough for the viewer to read them (while paying attention to the video).

Well-punctuated and in sync with the video.

Completely clear – for example, if there are multiple speakers add their names in brackets.