Add music to your video... copyright-free

Enhance your videos with great background music using DailyCutting. Find the perfect audio tracks for all kinds of videos – from vlogs to explainers


Why is good music important for your video?

Good background music helps keep the audience engaged at a subconscious level. Copyright-free music ensures your content doesn’t get flagged on social media! If you are a creator, chances are that you may use it for the following:


Establish the mood for your video


Connect emotionally with your audience


Help your video stand out in the crowd

How to add music on ChopChop


Switch to the audio tab for an entire library of music tracks, categorized based on different moods. Click on the play button to sample each track.


Once you’ve selected the track you want to use for your video, just click on the ‘Use’ button to add it to your video story.


Once you’ve selected your audio track, you can adjust the volume. Choose the optimal volume based on the type of video you’re making.

Travel videos are likely to be driven by visuals – panning shots, video montages, photographs. These visuals can be enhanced by using the correct audio track running in the background.

An explainer video helps content creators, especially marketers, highlight a product or service. Use pleasant but non-intrusive audio in the background, at a lower volume than the voice-over.

Recipe videos are very popular with everyone – from amateurs trying to take first steps in the culinary world to experienced pros trying recipes from around the world. 

Educational videos are one of the fastest growing segments in the content creation world, with more and more people across ages upskilling on the internet.